Thursday, July 14, 2011

14/7/11 ST Mind Your Body: Tips on Buying Skin Care. Ingredients to Look Out For

Was reading the cover story of 14 July 2011 ST Mind Your Body

and thought the following clippings might be useful to some of us.


Some of us wanted to be fair badly, BUT we are also concerned with pigmentations.

So, what ingredients should we bear in mind?


For us girls, we are utmost concenrn when people ask us for our age, correct?

How many of us would actually bravely announce to the whole world before saying

"you guess la . . . guess how old I am?"

Sad to say, including myself, I would love to hear that I am wayyyyy below my actual age.

But . . . fine lines and wrinkles do show

Hence, we would tend to apply anti aging or anti wrinkle

There are plenty out there in the market, so which one should we look out for?


Singapore is very humid and our skin tend to be oily and some even acne-prone.

So how should we take care of our oily skin in this humid weather?

Hope the above clips help

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