Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Me : No Downtime No Surgical By Freezing Your Fats + Rejuvenating Facial

OK, so I was done with my exams

Like finally . . .

It is a month of Projects, Practical and Theory exams

I simply cannot devote the month of July to pure research and studying








So . . . I decided to Pamper myself a Wee . . . Bit

Yes . . .

Just a wee bit

And I booked myself with an Aesthetic Clinic

I have done extensive googling and forum-ing before I decided to land myself with HealthSprings

They have received quite a number of awards from Woman's Weekly and Simply Her

And I trust Aesthetic Clinic than commercial salon.

Well, I am not being biased


At least Aesthetic Clinic is headed by Doctor and is definitely more safe since they are registered with MOH

Back to myself

It is always my Dream my Wish or rather my WANT

to have a not-so-sensitive skin which does not redden easily under light, sunlight or spot light

I have been seeing several dermatologist including those well known and famous in the industry

And fancy them to discharge me as they cannot help me with my skin

I was like . . . OK . . . so I have to live with it

And since then, I do not step into any other clinics as I have lost faith or rather, resign myself to fate

So, the next on my To-Do list is to flatten or rather tone my tummy.


You might think I look alright


You are wrong.

I know how to disguise my flaws, my weakness using Colors & Styles

Hence you cannot really see my bulging tummy

Anyway who would love to showcase or parade around with their not-so-perfect figure yea?

I have tried slimming teas, replacement diets, or even wraps or crunches or sit-ups


So since July is my birthday month

I decided to take up Slimming Package to keep my tummy in check

And having read from May issue of Woman's Weekly

I decided to take the plunge with

They will access my medical health and history as well as calculating my body's BMI and nutritional needs

They will then recommend suitable weight management program to help me keep my weight off.


They actually teach me how to calculate calories, advising me what physical exercise or activities I can engage in

So it is NOT like those typical slimming salons where you are FAT and UGLY everywhere

And you will be insulted if you do not take up their few thousands package.

Doctor Soh of HealthSprings is very friendly, honest and reliable.

She does not promise me anything when I first consulted her and she does not push me any products or package.

Awesome? Yea . . .

Anyway, I called up the clinic about their Lipocryo Treatment

It works by cooling unwanted fats without surgery or downtime.

And I am curious.

Most, if not all, slimming creams or salons will always want to burn our unwanted fats away.

And this is my first time Cooling My UNWANTED FATS AWAY

The therapist who attended to me had my thickness of fats measured

She then applied a layer of cooling gel on my tummy and

Had me sit up and placed something like a vacuum cleaner to suck my fats

This is how the machine looks like

Initially it felt like a suction and  I felt a inch of pain like somebody pinching my tummy

But not long after, it is really cooling and comfortable

And I got to rest on the bed.

Side view of my tummy

Front View

After the treatment

In case you babes wonder why do I have all these shots of Before and After

And if I am being sponsored and biased of my reviews

Then I am afraid to disappoint you.

HealthSprings keep a photographic documenation of their patients' Before and After and for every review

I had to ask them for the photos so that I can keep an online journal of my slimming journey

Anyway, back to my tummy which is more important

There is redness on my tummy which is being sucked

but I do not feel any pain or sore or numbness as some other patients might experienced.

*cross my fingers and thank god*

I can feel that my tummy fats are softer, and more loosen

Inch lost, I am not too sure as yet as the result can only be visible about after 15 days and more apparent after a month

The whole session is about 30-45 minutes and while I was resting, I had my Rejuvenating Facial

And boy was my tired skin being pampered.

The therapist without even me saying, mentioned that my skin look dehydrated, tired and dull

And I agreed with her totally.

My skin was awfully burnt out from the past few weeks of researching and studying.

I let myself loose.

From what I can remember, the steps are as follows:

* Cleanse

* Scrub

* Diamond Polish

* Steam

* Extraction

* Massage

* Ultra Sound

* Mask

I was pretty excited as the clinic claims that I would see instantaneous differences

I was also worried and anxious as I would always look red and ugly after a facial

Fingers crossed.






I believe some of you had already seen my RAW face from my face book

I am shocked with the results.

My face is NOT in the least bit red, and in fact, my face is super fairer, clearer and hydrated.

I can feel that my skin is more supple, plumped up with no visible pores.

And my broken capillaries seems fainter.

I am so shocked of the results that I keep thanking Dr Soh.

The other Dermatologist had me brainwashed that my skin is a Goner, cannot be salvaged anymore.

It has been about a week

And my skin is still soft, hydrated and supple.

Neither does my skin reddens easily under the sun, the light or even anything.

I went out for an Event just yesterday evening without makeup, only eyeliner

And people thought I had changed my foundation, or BB cream or powder.

I had them touched and rubbed my face if they want to

No powder Nothing.

I do not know photo shop and this is really direct from my camera.

I am so happy and satisfied with the magic Dr Soh had worked on my skin

I am not sure how long the clarity can maintain but I am sure to do my best to upkeep the clarity.

I am still keeping my fingers cross to how much inch I can lost from LipoCryo 

And I will keep you babes updated after a month.

I am looking forward to a NEW me and a NEW life

Having me to walk out in the street, makeup-less and ditching away those black baggy pants or dress.

Do check out HealthSprings Face Book Fan Page for more current treatment for a NEW you.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

FREE Travel Deluxe Biotherm Aquasource Night

At night, skin loses up to 4X more water causing dehydration lines and dull skin in the morning.

Complete your 24h hydration routine with Aquasource, for skin that is moisturized and refreshed all day.

Aquasource Night prevent skin water loss and rebuild skin’s barrier to prevent dehydration

In one drop, experience 15h of Deep Hydration and awake to skin that is soft and plump with moisture.

Would you want to try Aquasource Night?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Avoid Leaving Lipsticks on Your Wine Glass

Ever had such embarrassing moments where you will leave your lip gloss or lipstick stains on your glass?

I hate it loads and hence will never ever apply colored lip gloss

Just a coat of lip balm or transparent lip gloss

What my other girlfriends would do is to use a straw

But then again, they would also leave stains on the straw which is still unsightly

Then some would say use Matt lipsticks

But Matt lipsticks will still leave a wee bit of stain regardless what

And even then, it is very drying for lips

Then some people would say, foundation, lipstick, blot etc

These do not work exactly

Would you go without lip gloss?

And lip gloss because of its high shine, will come off easily too







If I share with you, that there is a lip gloss which stays

Lip gloss which is lasting and waterproof

Would you be amazed and surprised?


Make Up For Ever really has such range
Aqua Rouge Lipstick is awfully Long Lasting and Water Proof

Not only is the color Long Lasting

The Glossy High Shine Top Coat is Long Lasting and Water Proof as well

I am Shocked


I have never ever hear of Water Proof Lasting Lip Gloss

This is the range of Aqua Rouge

The colors are pretty isn't it?

Very wearable and easy to carry off

Let's put Aqua Rouge to the test

See how pigmented and glossy Aqua Rouge is

I cannot remember the shade, sorry.

I am going to rub it with cream and oil remover

See how dirty and black the area is?

I rubbed it vigorously for about 5 minutes






See that?

The color and shine still remains

The color is still that dazzling with shimmer

Aqua Rouge is not only Long Lasting and Water Proof

It is NON Transferable as well !!!







You can feel safe and secure kissing, french kissing with your partner

cox he is never ever going to have your stains all over him

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FREE 20ml of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturising Lotion

Hada Labo collaborates with The Blush Inc. for the month of July!

Hada Labo will be giving away 20ml samples of their Super Hyaluronic Moisturising Lotion,

The no.1 face lotion in Japan with 1 bottle sold every 2 seconds!

Here's how to redeem your free sample :

1. Go to The Blush Inc.'s app on Hada Labo fanpage

3. Key in your personal particulars/details

4. Key in the secret password: I LOVE BLUSH INC X HADA LABO

5. Redemption period ends 10th August, 2359hr


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nip + Fab Tummy Fix

I was Really surprised and happy with Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix


I decided to give Tummy Fix a try

The active substances are Caffeine and Synephrine

Synephrine claims to Burn Fat

Increase Body Heat


Promotes Weight Lost

Tummy Fix is pretty different from other Body Slimming Lotino


Tummy Fix is

Daily Ab Toner

The texture is different from others as well

It is Transparent Gel Like

Which is NOT sticky


Absorbs Immediately into my Skin

It leaves a light lingering scent on my body as well

Not exactly a sweet scent



Although I cannot say that I have lost inches across my tummy

I do feel Lighter, Fresher and More Toned Up

My skin is also Smoother, Softer and More Hydrated

Well, of course different body and individuals react differently

I have used Tummy Fix for about 1 week and am still going to use it

I feel much happier and healthier

Maybe you may have better results than mine?

Hop over to Nip + Fab Face Book Fan Page for more updates

They have a lot of Give Aways for their Fans too

Try your luck

You might win yourself Nip + Fab Products too

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make Up For Ever Black Tango Fall Collection 2012

I had always wanted to be Sensual Feminine and Seductive

Creating black smokey eye look is one of the essential


I can never pass through the messy-powder drops all over the face look

Powder shadow is a wee that bit messy with them falling and dirtying the look

Cream shadow can sometimes be too rich and difficult to blend

I have oily eye lids and color do not sit although I have prep with eye primer

Oh Well






Am I to bear with the messy dirty smokey eye look?

Especially when time is not on my side?

I was invited to Make Up For Ever Black Tango Fall Collection 2012


I am not only Impressed but totally Sold

Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette

It is a Limited Edition Aqua Cream Palette

Consisting of FOUR new Aqua Cream shades

A harmony of Blacks with Red, Green, Blue and Ivory

The subtle and intense reflections are powerful potions of Seduction

The colors are rich and intense, highly pigmented

They are creamy but not oily

They are easily spread with fingers and even much easier with the attached brush

I do not even need to set them with powder colors at all

Not only the color stays all day, in the sun with the sweat

And even under water, in the pool

I have tried 2 looks using the Black Tango Palette

Closed Eye

Open Eyes

After - Before

Can you see how the eyes are enlarged with the contouring and falsies

Only a dab of color (Green + Blue) is blended at the corner of the eyes to give it some depth and lift

You can blend the color till the outer corner of the iris, about 1/3 of the length of your eyelid

I use Ivory under the brow bone and the inner corner, 2/3 of the eyelid for some contrast

The brush in the palette makes it much easier to blend with the firm nylon fibre bristles

Another new product from the Black Tango Collection

would be the Aqua Cream Matt Black

which is my Super Love

It has the same formula as the Aqua Cream range


offers a unique difference with a Matt finishing

It is also waterproof with impeccable hold

I pick up the color with my liner brush and draw an eyeliner

Remember that my eyelid is disgustingly oily


NO eyeliner could have stay put throughout the day without transfering colors


This little pot is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

The liner stays put and does not run nor smudge

This is my Holy Grail

I tried another Intense look with Aqua Cream Matt Black

Eye Closed

Eye Open

After - Before

You can see that the color stays obediently at the correct place,

Does Not run, Does Not smudge, Does Not transfer


the color Does Not Crease!!!

Yes, the color is Matt


You might think that the color will crease and difficult to blend or spread


You are awfully wrong

Because of the same formula as Aqua Cream Range

Aqua Cream Matt Black is easy to blend

As easy as Aqua Cream Range

The color is Intense, Rich and Super pigmented

Aqua Cream Matt Black is one which you cannot afford to miss

It can be used BOTH as an Eyeliner or Smokey Eye Look

More information about the Fall 2012 Black Tango Collection

can be easily accessed via Make Up For Ever Face Book Fan Page

Keep your eyes peeled to the Page for more interesting updates

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Public Forum - The Science Behind Looking Fabulous on 04 August 2012

Topic             :           The Science Behind Looking Fabulous
Date               :           4 August 2012 (Saturday)
Time               :           2.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue            :           Rock Auditorium, Level 3, Suntec City
Cost               :           S$10.00 Early Bird till 14 July 2012 / S$18.00 after early bird
Chairperson:           A/Prof Giam Yoke Chin
                                    Senior Consultant, NSC
1.00 pm         :           Registration

1.30 pm         :           Admission
2.00 pm         :           Guest To Be Seated

2.05 pm         :           Welcome Address
2.10 pm         :          “Common Facial Pigment Problems in Asian Skin”
                                    Dr Steven Thng
Consultant, NSC
2.30 pm         :          “Wiping Out White Spots”
Dr Goh Boon Kee
Consultant, NSC
2.50pm          :          Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Spots Without Skin Thinning                                   Mr Matthew Chong
                                   Pharmacist, BDF

3.05 pm         :           Tea
4.00 pm         :          “Management of Pigmented Lesions” 
A/Prof Chua Sze Hon
                                    Senior Consultant, NSC
4.20 pm         :          “The Aging Asian Skin- the Truth and is there Prevention”
A/Prof Giam Yoke Chin
Senior Consultant, NSC
4.40 pm         :           Questions & Answers
5.15 pm         :           End
You can register through NSC Website
*Sponsored by EUCERIN

Friday, July 13, 2012

Secrets to Achieve a Pair of Smooth, Slender Legs

Would you not want a pair of smooth slender legs?

Even Jennifer Aniston has to maintain her legs.







What am I waiting for, right?

The full range of Nip + Fab products from S$15.90 to S$29.90; which are available in Singapore Watsons

Anyway, my leg is really dry and itching the other day just after my bath


I took out the Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix : S$15.90 to try

And boy, am I amazed and buy over.

The cream is really thick yet not oily to feel

It also immediately ease my itch and gives my leg a luxurious silky feel.

But that aside

What I am amazed is the after glowing effect and 24 hour locking of hydration from within.

After I applied Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix, I went out immediately for an outdoor shoot.

It was really a long, tiring sunny day.

Fancy tugging along a heavy makeup bag + makeup application in the Sun

And to make sure that the makeup stays fresh, dewy and smudge free.

Tedious but Challenging and Satisfying.

Anyway, after I reach home, as usual I would stretch my leg for a rest


I realise that both my legs still look radiant, smooth and soft.

What makes my jaws drop is when I realized my skin is plumped up and the fine lines seems to diminish

I am comparing the same spot of area which are circled in red

And it is really the same as I can recognize my own scar >.<

There are many fine lines before application on the left and the lines seems to diminish and more plumped up

Not only the area circled in red, of course.

Comparing both legs, even after about 12 hours of walking and basking in the sun, hot and sweaty

My legs still look so fresh, soft and hydrated.

But it is definitely the diminish of fine lines which drive me crazy.

I am of course buy over.

And it's only the Dry Leg Fix I am talking about here,

What about the rest?

I cannot imagine how toned up my body will be if I start using the Tummy Fix

A closer look at my skin for you to be jealous and envious LoL :DDD

Don't drool or "Wow Wow Wow"

Do something about it

I am not an expert in their products


I am very sure they have more information to share with you

Hop on over to

Nip + Fab Face book Fan page for promotions, updates and Give Aways !!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coolest Sunblock in Town

We have heard of cooling toner, cooling moisturizer and even cooling mask


Have anyone of you heard of Cooling Sunscreen?

Not only is it Cooling, it has the conveniences of being a mist

When you can spray anytime, anywhere, anyhow you like

Sounds interesting?

Sunplay has created another milestone






Sunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF 65 PA +++


Sunplay Watery Cool Mist SPF 75 PA+++

I need to rave about the Watery Cool range

Both are awfully Refreshing which perks me up the minute I apply on myself.

Both have menthol icy cool feeling upon application

They are your best pal under the Hot Sun or when you are falling asleep at work or in lecture theatre

The sunblock is very watery like liquid and it absorbs fast into my skin


The mist immediately absorbs into my skin the moment I spray myself.

I totally have no chance to snap the mist when spray.

Sunplay has a wide range of sunblock catering to every individual needs.

And I took the chance to attach the range of sunblock Sunplay has for your conveniences.

The Watery Cool Mist is currently my fave, what about yours?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Secrets to Fairer Skin

Everybody knows I have a fetish for fairer skin.

I mean, which girl does not love being fair?

Though I am not pretty nor tall,

At least I can still receive compliments for me being fair right?

But then again




Am I supposed to compromise my love for sun with my yearn for fairness?

That is not Fair right?

That is awful.

Hence, I went online to search for some useful tips for fairer skin.

And these are what I have gathered so far.

Ahem . . .

First, for some cost effective skincare, you can try some home made remedies behind your kitchen.

I used to mix milk powder with honey and lemon juice and leave it on my face for about 10 minutes then wash off.

I am not sure if I am excited or paranoid,

I somehow feel that my skin is fairer and smoother and softer to touch.

If you cannot take the smell of milk powder,

You can blend cucumber and lemon juice and leave it on your face for about 10 minutes then wash off.

It works pretty well for skin whitening instantaneously.

Of course, the best safest way is to avoid the sun as much as you can.

Excuse me,

Did I just mention avoid the sun?

Let me retract a bit.

The only safe bet to love the Sun while maintaining my fair skin is to






Apply Sunblock !!!!

Ok, I am being irritating.

But I mean, hey, besides Sunblock being the safest bet

I really cant think of any other solution to merge both my loves

Introducing to you babes

Sunplay Super Block 130 PA+++  !!!!!

Not only does it helps to block UVA & UVB

It contains Hyaluronic Acid which effectively hydrates and locks in moisture for my skin.

Also, it has anti aging RonaCare Ectoin and Antileukine 6 which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles !!!

Yea !!!

And most of the common beliefs are the higher the SPF the more oily or sticky it is right?


This is not the case for Sunplay Super Block 130 at all.

It is super watery like liquid, light weight and non greasy at all.

It was immediately absorbed into my skin within about 10 seconds.

And not only these, my skin appears softer and seems to be glowing with radiance.


And nobody knew that I had applied sunblock on my skin at all.

Everybody around me still thought I am born fair :p

Want to try for yourself?

You can redeem a FREE Travel Size Sunplay Superblock at their Facebook Fan Page

You have to try for yourself to know how blessed it is to have Sunplay Superblock 130 in your bag.