Friday, July 23, 2010

Daiso Black Charcoal Mask

This post has been really late due to my clumsy injuries: left finger cut whilst right wrist ligament tore

Anyway, I have been searching for a really good peel off mask for my super clogged face.

I was forum-ing again at my favourite site, CozyCot then did I realised that I might recently have given a precious gem a miss.

I would not have even bother to take a second look at it if not for some pointers in the forum.

I was being introduced a really economical peel off Charcoal Mask.

And this mask is none other than the Black Charcoal Mask from (drum roll...)







Yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you.

It is the forever $2 Daiso

Surprise yeah . . .

I too would not bother to have anything pertaining to cosmetics, skincare or body products from Daiso

I mean, hey, its only 2 bucks.

You sure its safe and alright to use?

And because its only 2 bucks then did I take the plunge to try

At least my pocket confirm would not bleed.

Its not easy to search for the Black Charcoal Mask

It have been Out Of Stock for quite some time and I only manage to lay my hands on it at VivoCity.

It works like any other charcoal mask, a bit gluely and sticky when you squeeze it out from the tube.

I would advise to apply the mask directly when you freshly squeeze them out of the tube as the mask can be tacky if you squeeze it on your palm.

I leave it onto my face till I can feel the tightness though its advisable to leave it on for about 15 minutes or till dry.

It really depends on your skin condition, only you yourself knows best.

I pulled it off starting from the outer and lower part of my face, going upright.

From my chin level to the below ear . . .

I might sound skeptical but I have always thought its better to pull up than to pull down.

Anyway, I have always loved and adored peel off mask though many would say that peel off mask can induced sagging skin.

This is my small cute face, can you see the small small yucky things stuck-ing out (what english LoL)

Closer look . . .

This is indeed an economical peel off mask which can successfully pluck out your blackheads, whiteheads and small tiny facial hair.

This is of course not referring to those deeply embedded ones which still needs a bit of plucking.

Pluck your blackheads, not squeeze them as plucking can ensure that the "roots" can be completely plucked off instead of leaving a bit in your face which might induce inflammation.

After you peel off the mask like what I did, please please apply toner/refiner/lotion to close up your open pores.

You can then apply your serum or moisturiser or sleeping mask and off to bed.

Yes, I used this mask at night.

Would I recommend this peel off mask?

Yes, I definitely would.

This is a very very cheap mask which can effectively removes your blackheads and whiteheads.

And my face is super clean and smooth after the peel off, like baby skin.

It is even more effective than some of the counter brands you come across in the departmental stores.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GWP for CLEO August Issue

Cleo August Issue comes with a free Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel worth $42 exclusively to Books Kinokuniya SG

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raffles Hotel Early Bird Moon Cakes Promotion

I was googling online for home made snow skin mooncakes' recipes when I came across the Raffles Hotel moon cakes promotion.

20% discount for online orders before 09 August 2010.

Personally, I think its an extremely awesome great deal.

I have tried their snow skin moon cakes last year and its yummlicious.

Raffles Hotel moon cakes are selling like hot cakes, often out of stock.

Their skin is soft and thin whilst their filling is rich and smooth yet not so sweet.

There were 2 ongoing promotions currently

(1) Online Exclusive Discount

20% discount until 9 August 2010 for all online mooncake purchases and 10% discount from 10 August.

Online ordering ends on 17 September 2010

(2) Citibank credit cardmembers will receive a $5 voucher for every $100 spent online.

Vouchers will be presented with the presentation of your Citibank credit card and confirmation slip of the online purchase at the Raffles Hotel Mooncake Shop.

Vouchers are redeemable with the mooncakes purchases at the Raffles Hotel Mooncake Shop.

Only one voucher per box of mooncakes can be used.

Raffles Hotel have 3 new creations this year:
- Snow Skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle and Ganache 冰皮香檳巧克力月餅
- Snow-Skin Tiger Lily Mooncake 冰皮醉美人月餅
- Snow-Skin Hazel Choco Mooncake 冰皮果仁可可月餅
Selection of Moon Cakes (Per Box Quantity Price Before 20% Discount)

1 Snow-Skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle & Ganache

 冰皮香檳巧克力月餅 8 pieces $52.00

2 Snow-Skin Mooncake with Raffles Cognac Truffle

 冰皮白蘭地巧克力月餅 8 pieces $50.00

3 Snow-Skin Mooncake with Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl 

冰皮珍珠巧克力月餅 8 pieces $50.00

4 Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy

 冰皮杏香晶沙月餅 8 pieces $50.00

5 Snow-Skin Hazel Choco Mooncake

 冰皮果仁可可月餅 8 pieces $50.00

6 Snow-Skin Tiger Lily Mooncake

 冰皮醉美人月餅 8 pieces $50.00

7 Baked Mooncake with Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts & White Lotus Paste

 松子夏果白蓮蓉月餅 4 pieces $50.00

8 Baked Mother of Pearl Mooncake with Single Yolk & White Lotus Paste

單黃珍珠白蓮蓉月餅 4 pieces $52.00

9 Baked Mooncake with Double Yolk, Macadamia Nuts & White Lotus Paste

雙黃夏果白蓮蓉月餅 4 pieces $52.00

PS: will there be any kind souls to buy me a box of Champagne Truffle and Hazal Choco moon cakes p..l..e..a..s..e......

Nose Fillers & Implants by Alaxis Medical & Aesthetics Surgery

There will be a talk on Nose Fillers and Implants by Doctor Donald Ng of Alaxis Aesthetics

Doctor Donald Ng

He will be touching on topics such as the differences between fillers and implants which many of us are confused of.

Details of the Talk as per stipulated below:

Date: 31 July 2010 Saturday

Time: 1600 - 1800 hour

Venue: Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic at 360 Orchard Road, International Building Unit 04-05

Cost: SGD20 per participant inclusive of consultation

Refreshments are provided.

Please call 6235 0880 for reservation.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Cocktail Party with Laneige at Takashimaya on 09 July

Enjoy Beautiful Benefits
Date: 09 July 2010

Time: 07:00 - 09:00PM

Venue: Takashimaya Cosmetics Department  Level 1, Laneige Beauty Bar

               Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++

Join professional makeup artist, Larry Yeo at the party as he shares tips on creating flawless Korean looks.

Receive door gifts, light refreshments and special buys exclusive to the party!

Special Buy of Laneige Snow BB Cream at $39!

RSVP: Kang Ni 6737 4988

Local Detox Drink: Refreshing Detox

I walked past Watsons Wisma the other day and went in to replenish my Avene Thermal Spray.

I was browsing through the outlet when something pink caught my attention (I admit I AM a pink freak)

They were being placed in the acrylic stand and the price $1.95 made my eyes bright and big.

I hasten my footsteps to take a closer look.

Oh, it was a detox drink, Refreshing Detox by Fook Sang Trading (why am I so surprised that they have a webby)

and what made me took a second look was that it was clearly stated

"Product of Singapore"

It claimed that there is no added artificial flavourings, colorings, preservatives nor sweeteners.

And the active ingredients are Lemon, Milk Thistle, Alfalfa and Honey.

To be honest, I am not sure what Milk Thistle or Alfalfe is hence I google more information about it.

From Wikipedia, Milk Thistle is is a flowering plant from the daisy family and treat chronic liver disease and protect the liver against toxins.

Milk Thistle Plant

A closer look at the flower

Alfalfa is also a flowering plant in the pea family and is high in protein, calcium, minerals and an excellent source of most vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K.

In TCM, Chinese physicians use the young alfalfa leaves to treat people suffering from arthritis, water retention and poor digestion.


                                             Alfalfa Sprouts

So, I assume since this Refreshing Detox contains natural ingredients which not only protects my liver, it also aids in flushing out toxins.

And this is what I needed most, to clear accumulated waste which indirectly assists in weight loss and hopefully promotes radiant complexion.

Anyway it isn't very expensive and $1.95 for 10 sachets is pretty economical and easy (mix well with water, that's it), I grab a box.

Since it is recommended to start with a glass of Refreshing Detox every morning, I faithfully follow the instructions for 5 consecutive days.

I was even mentally preparing myself to rush to the washroom to clear my bowels everyday.

So, did I eventually rush to the washroom or shed any kilos?

The answer is NO

I did NOT rush to the washroom to clear my bowel NOR did I shed any kilos.

How can I shed any kilos if I did not rush to the washroom right?

So, this so called detox drink is not performing its due responsibilities and would I buy it again?

The answer is of course NO because it tastes bland, not sweet nor sour.

I would still prefer Huiji Fruity Lite though it also does not work for me, but at least it tastes better, yumms

Japanese Magazines Steady September GWP Pink Paul & Joe Sister Tote Bag

I was browsing through Cozycot forum when I came across KinokuniyaSG mentioning that the September issue of Steady comes with a PINK Paul & Joe Sister Tote bag.

                 (credits to

I was immediately bought over.

Yes, I am a pink freak, but then don't you find the color r..e..a..l..l..y sweet and adorable?

Moreover, the exterior design is pretty classy as well, but I am not sure of the material though.

It would be awesome if the material is of my fave, hard leather but that's indeed too much to ask for.

Though the interior is not very fantastic to me by the look of it, but . . . owning a piece of PINK tote bag is a dream come true to me

Too bad Kinokuniya does not seems to take pre order for magazines, else I would have called to reserve a piece for myself.

Anyway, I will be keeping a close watch on the release date and hopefully I can own a piece for myself

Monday, July 5, 2010

CU Skin Sun Block Liquid

Bought a tube of CU Skin Sun Block Liquid from Ninki-O Store at Orchard Central yesterday.

Heard loads of raves about it and knew its a derma brand from Korea

Since I was in need of a sunscreen and its retailing at 48 bucks, I took the plunge and become the proud owner of CU Skin Sun Block Liquid.

Did I regret?

Hmm.... Not really as of now.

It has SPF 50+ PA+++ and its true to its name, Liquid

It is very watery and unlike other sunscreen which its oilier when the SPF is higher

It is so watery that I have a shock when I first used it this morning thinking it was spoilt.

Non of the other sunscreen is as watery as this, and the others tend to be thicker

I trusted my own guts feel.

I squeeze a pea size amount at the back of my hand and dot 5 dots at my forehead, two cheeks, nose and chin.

I spread it using my beauty finger with a big swift circular motion.

Its easily spread but a wee bit oily initially

I patted my face after spreading it, waited for about 5 minutes, my face is more matt as the sunscreen are more absorbed into my skin (my own assumption please)

I applied the Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream with SPF 30 PA++ after that and dusted Ettusias Day Protect Powder

I wore the sunscreen from about 11am today and till now, about 10 hours, my skin is still shine free, which is really amazing.

I did not blot nor use the Avene Thermal Spray for the whole day and considering the fact that I have super oily skin, this has pretty good oil control.

I removed my makeup using Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser, and my face is very smooth, clean and soft.

No red bumps nor clogged pores.

Would I recommend this Sun Block?

Yes, I would, simply love the texture and though its SPF 50+, my face remains shine free for the whole day