Monday, August 16, 2010

Aqualabel : Unravel Your Blogging Power!

The No. 1 skincare range has hit the stores in Singapore!!!

It is highly recommended and raved by popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show & Ultimate Beauty Bible 女人我最大

It is of course none other than . . .

AquaLabel (水之印) is a masstige skincare brand developed by Shiseido exclusively available in Watsons outlets.

It works by infusing our much dehydrated skin with the power of moisture through its exclusive Super-charging Skincare System (better known as SSS)

They have 3 range of products namely:

Aqualabel Whitening : Luminous Fair Skin

Aqualabel Moisturising : Firm Moist Skin

Aqualabel Anti Acne Whitening Care : Fresh Clear Skin
Aqualabel is now searching for 3 skincare junkie bloggers who adores their products as much as they do . . .
And the EXCITING prizes to the final 3 bloggers:
1) A 5D4N All-Expense Paid Trip to Tokyo,

2) A Brand New Panasonic Camera,

3) BYSI vouchers worth $500 to jet-set you in style

4) One year’s supply of AQUALABEL products!

And the audition to A 5D4N All-Expense Paid Trip to Tokyo & One year’s supply of AQUALABEL products is here in Ngee Ann City Watsons from 13th to 15th August 2010!!!!
Did I miss it?
Of course not . . .

There I was . . . with my newly adored White AC Essence VC

This little baby is a Special Care Essence which is an Intensive lightening treatment for scars.
It is a targeted care for acne, concaves and pigmentation, protecting my skin against blemishes and dullness.
Blemishes ? ? ?
Yes, I still am prone to blemishes as I am still young please . . .   *don't puke

Most importantly, this range not only
1) combats acne and prevents inflammation with Glycyrrhizin Acid
2) it also moisturises and retexturize my skin leaving me feeling baby smooth and translucent with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Lipidure.
3) it controls extra oiliness on my skin with vitamin B6 and Dipotassium
4) Last and Most Important - Whitening at the same time with the help of Lasting -Stable Vitamin C!!!
Wow . . . 4 treatments with the just the holy grail of 1 product, filled packed with ALL the amazing ingredients and it is only at S$29.90!!!
You might think again and again that since it is filled with sooo much wonderful ingredients, will it be really heavy and thick right?
The answer is definitely NO

It has a Dewy texture and is absorbed very quickly into my skin
So . . . . . .

What more can I ask for, you tell me???
And the beauties who work so hard to make this possible are

And . . . what are we waiting for???
Unravel Your Blogging Power with AQUALABEL !!!!

Unravel The AQUA Power

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