Monday, August 23, 2010

Beauty from Within : AQUALABEL

Beauty is really beyond skin deep.

More often than not, we ladies apply a lot of expensive products on our skin.

We thought that the more expensive it is, the more we apply on our face, the better it is.

However, have we ever ponder for a second asking ourselves if we are really benefiting from the products


Are we merely applying on the outer layer of our skin, the Epidermis

meaning to say, the products are merely staying on the surface of our skin

and not

SINKING into our skin, SATURATING AND SEALING the benefits of the products.

Sounds pretty logical and simple?


How many products in the market out there Sink, Saturate & Seal?






I am proud to say there is one, finally . . . *phew

By the No. 1 whitening and anti-ageing quality skincare brand made in Japan with 100 years of whitening experience

Sounds impressive?

It is a brand which Promise to keep skin moist, to infuse skin with sufficient amount of moisture

using the Exclusive AQUALABEL Technology

Hyaluronic Acid? Intense Hydration?

Sounds familiar?

There are a lot of brands in the market which claim to contain Hyaluronic Acid


Who contains Double Hyaluronic Acid and Bio compatible Hydrating Liquid (replenish skin with its natural moisture - NMF)?

Needless to say, it is still none other than

Using the Super Skincare Charging System, it deeply infuses and locks in high amount of moisture in our skin.

They have 3 lines of powerful and holistic products :
Aqualabel Whitening
Repairing & Preventing pigmentation and Brightening skin's overall clarity

Aqualabel Moisturising
Replenish skin with sufficient amount of moisture to achieve youthful supple skin

Aqualabel Anti-acne Whitening Care
Smooth skin complexion by preventing acne and acne scars

Everything you have to know about Aqualabel Lineup

You must be wondering what exactly sets Aqualabel apart from the other brands?

What is so unique about Aqualabel that you cannot do without?

Ssshhhh . . .  their secret lies in






Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer WT
Cosmopolitan China Beauty Awards 2007

This STAR PRODUCT is used as the last step of your daily skincare regime.

It is a powerful "infusion" which makes sure that ALL of our skincare ingredients are effectively and maximally absorbed into the deeper layers of our skin.

You must be wondering what is the fuss about having the skincare ingredients to Sink in to the deeper layers of our skin.

It is only when the skincare ingredients Sink in to our skin, Saturate into the deeper layer and Seal from within then can we truly benefit from the products.

Everyone of us knows about masking, the benefits and conveniences of masking


How many of us really take the effort to look, observe and see the shape cuts in mask?

Me, for once did . . .

Both the Aqualabel Reset White Mask and Aqualabel Moist Charge Mask has the S-shaped cuts to have the lifting effect to keep skin firm.

Most of us also merely patted the remaining essence into our skin after masking.

However, Aqualabel does have a set of correct massage techniques to ensure that the essence is better absorbed into our skin.

Having said that, you must be wondering where and how I get to know so much information right?

I really have to thank Aqualabel for conducting the Aqualabel's Starter Workshop.

Without this informative workshop, I doubt I know about the importance of

Sink x Saturate x Seal

Neither will I know about the correct massage techniques to ensure that the remaining essence of the mask are fully absorbed into my skin.

So . . .

You are going to ask me about the prices of these awesome products, Yes?

Aqualabel often has amazing deals to reward us consumers, hence

You really got to run down to your favourite Watsons outlets


Join Aqualabel on their Facebook Fan Page to keep yourself updated of their wonderful events and promotions.



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