Sunday, October 3, 2010

Total Solution For Damage Care

I have always been a fan of Essential Hair Essence 

and I pounced on the chance when The Sample Store is organising the Essential Hair Essence Bloggers Challenge!


Its 10 awesome products sponsored by Essential Hair Essence!!!

Lets peek-a-boo

Curious to know what are the 10 sweet products






There are two sets of products respectively  namely

                                                        Nuance Airy

Rich Premier

So, what are the differences between Nuance Airy and Rich Premier?

This boils down to the type of finish you prefer :

1) Light and Bouncy


2) Smooth and Manageable


Don't be . . .

Lets check out whats the difference

Nuance Airy

- Gives limp and flat hair a light and bouncy feel.

- Recommended for soft and airy hairstyles.

- Enriched with Wild Rose Essence

Rich Premier

- Gives untamable hair a smooth and manageable feel.

- Recommended for sleek and elegant hairstyles.

- Enriched with Sunflower Oil Essence

So which one do I prefer?






Needless to say, of course it is the Hair Essence series

Which is a leave-on treatment that transforms hair instantly, like magic!

The New hair essence series contains High Purity Honey Oil & Ultra Shine Essence

Instantly repairs and protects damaged hair surface, especially the last 15cm.

• High Purity Honey Oil provides deep moisture

• Ultra Shine Essence gives hair a long-lasting shine

• Fruity floral fragrance
Let me show you how my dry crispy frizzy hair can magically transformed to

After the leave-on treatment

                              Soft, no flying ends and more manageable 
Don't believe?
Check out Essential today !!!

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