Friday, October 22, 2010

Using Toner as A Mask

I was in a daze recently

Perhaps due to the haze?

Anyway, I was yahoo-ing for some inspiration for my long forgotten beauty blog

That I came across the video below

All along, I only knew of buying those small small face mask

Pour quite a bit of my favourite lotion onto a cap

and dip the little ball of face mask

And all along, I always thought that it is very wasted

My fave lotion gone just like that . . .

Not all lotion will be absorbed by the face mask

And I normally pour away the remaining essence

Some taught me to just pat it on my skin after masking

But having to leave it open in the air for so long

just does not seems right

I was also taught to wet cotton pads and placed it on my skin


It also seems to be very messy

Until I came across this short video

It really opens up my mind to wetten-ing cotton pads with toner and

use it as mask

Does it really work?

I am not sure,


One thing for sure

I am so going to try it out tonight

And fill you ladies in if it works

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