Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovingly Pampered with Loads of Love from Confirm Trading

I was really tired the other day upon reaching home

What greeted me when I opened my bedroom door was a big brown envelope

Taking a closer look, I realised it was from Confirm Trading

The excited me carefully tore the envelope, waiting in anticipation of what could be inside

Taking the items out with clasping hands

It was indeed a package filled with loads of Beauty Goodies

Taking out the items, wow . . . it was R.E.A.L.L.Y . . . a lot . . .

  There were Beauty Goodies from

I had the Rojukiss Whitening range which can last me for about 28 days

Under Rojukiss Whitening range, we have the

Stim Cell Natural Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA +++ : To apply on face and neck

with 3 Blushing White Actions

Stim Cell Natural Serum for Dark Tone : To be applied on brown spots & pigmentation

Which are difficult to solve

Stim Cell Natural for Light Tone : To be applied on normal areas

Which are getting darker

So . . . will I be getting fairer like Snow White or will I remain tanned like now ? ? ?

Curious . . . Curious . . .

Anyway, Confirm Trading is also kind and generous to mail me Anti Aging range

I know fine lines have started to find their way around my eyes


I just simply refuse to admit, can ? ? ?

Obviously cannot LoL

Rojukiss Anti-Aging Range

Under Anti Aging range, we have the

Protox Serum : For face and around the eyes

Which is Anti Wrinkles 3 solutions

Protox Serum Day Cream with SPF 50 PA +++

for Cell Protect

Protox Serum Night Cream

with High Peptides Cell Renew

Protox Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA +++

for Daily Cell Protect

So . . . Since I am so lovingly pampered with Rojukiss beauty goodies, can I now go out with naked face ?

Of course not sweeties

Hence I still need the Limited Edition Dr Jart + Premium Blemish Base which protects and cares for my skin

Triple Action BB cream which Whitens, Anti-Wrinkle

with SPF 45 PA +++

So . . .  I should be blessed with good fair youthful skin right now?

Not exactly correct . . .


We still need one more little pampering before we are ushered to bed at night

You are thinking what I am thinking?

Ya . . . Facial Masks

Facial masks are a great way to pamper ourselves after a long tiring day

And since its pampering, we ought to have a Premium Quality Facial Mask correct?

And so, we have here with us BabySkin Premium Quality Facial Mask from Korea

Masks which are Specially prepared for a smoother, fairer and youthful complexion

Feeling excited?

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