Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blushing From Fairer, Glowing Radiant Skin

Everybody knows that I have a dream

A dream to have fair radiant glowing skin which is blushing from within

Is my dream too far fetched for a sensitive skin girl like me?

Whose face reddens within 1 minute under the sun?

Will I never ever fulfill this little dream of mine?

I really wonder

I have tried and tested countless over the counter whitening products and even branded ones too

None really works on me and I was about to give up when I was given another chance.

Lovely pampering treats from Confirm Trading proved me and everybody around me wrong!

Everybody thought I went for Vitamin C or Whitening injection or drip.

But I did not.

So, what is my secret to my fairer, glowing radiant skin which is blusing from within?

Come with me









Yes . . . It is none other than Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural 

And yes, I did introduce this range about a month ago

This Rojukiss Stim White Cell is very interesting and unique from the other brands.

They work on the philosophy of Blushing White Action of

(1) Whitening,

(2) Blushing and

(3) Retaining New Whiter

And most important Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural 

Stop all procession for Melanin !!!

How awesome can that be, you tell me

And what is whitening without Sunblock, right?

And I badly need to rave about this 

ROJUKISS STIM White CELL Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock  SPF50+ PA+++

White and light texture

Watery thin that it runs

Spreading in process 

After application, there is no white film nor cast

In fact, this is currently my preferred choice of sunblock.

Though it is SPF 50+ PA+++, it is not oily nor heavy nor thick

I feel as if I am not wearing any sunblock on my skin at all.

The sunblock even gives my dull skin a pretty radiant which I have never experienced before.

And the beautiful part, it gives me consistent sunscreen protection from sunlight for 12 hours and no reapplication is needed.

For swimmers and girls who love to workout, this sunblock is water and sweat proof.

Hence, you can work your hearts out :)

Is merely sunblock enough for my fairer skin?

Of course not sweeties

We need serum to better help us during the process

There it is









ROJUKISS STIM White CELL Natural Serum

The bottles from within the box

Are there immediate effects on my pigmentation or acne marks?

If you expect the serums to perfom magic or miracles with just 1 application, then I am afraid that you are in for a disappointment

The answer is "No"

There is no immediate effects on the pigmentations nor freckles nor acne marks

Am I disappointed?

No, I am not.







Are there improvements on my acne marks, freckles or pigmentations over the 1 month of usage?

My answer is "YES !!!"

My acne marks, freckles and pigmentations have improved.

They have faded and are not so obvious now.

Did I do any laser or IPL?

No, I did not.

It is the work of the wonderful Serum

Are there only 3 products in the Rojukiss Stim White Cell Natural range?

Of course not.

You might want to have the full range for a better and more effective resuts

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