Friday, December 24, 2010

Dress up in Dress Me

Look what I have on my desk

Hmm . . .

Three packs of pokka dots?

There they are . . .

Little pampering treats from Dress Me

Dress Me facial masks are made in Taiwan and  uses the finest and purest quality ingredients extracted from selected plant concentrates.

Some of the main ingredients found in the mask are mainly:

Natto  (なっとう or 納豆) : fermented soy beans, anti aging

Helichrysum Agustifolium : anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, and astringent

Spriarea Ulmaria : compounds of salicylic acid

Ginkgo Biloba (銀杏 /  白果)

With these finest ingredients, Dress Me have Seven types of facial masks for everyone out there.

Soften & Clarifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Revive)
 Skin exfoliation, brightens skin, enhances skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities and locks in moisture that will result to soft and supple skin.

Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask (Clear. Balance. Revitalize)
 Balances and maintains the moisture level and protects it from hydration naturally.

Silky & Soothing Mask (Clear. Moisture. Soften)
 Enhances skin’s renewal process and even out skin tone for smooth and relaxed skin.

Oil Control & Purifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Refresh)
  Antibacterial mask removes dead skin, eliminates impurities, detoxifies, repairs, refreshes the skin, minimizes pore and maintains oil balance for clear and smooth skin.

Whitening & Brightening Mask (Clear. Moisture. Tighten)
Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that whitens the skin and also reduces redness and skin sensitivity.

Whitening & Revive Mask (Clear. Balance. Restore)
Increases blood circulation and collagen-boost to slow down skin aging process and protects skin from free radicals

Revitalizing & Firming Mask (Clear. Balance. Renew)
 Moisturizes, repairs and firms skin while restoring skin’s natural renewal process. An anti-oxidant mask that protects skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

And why you and I got to try these masks ? ? ?

This is because






They have won themselves

*throws confetti into the air . . . woohooo
And so, the "cannot lose out to other people" me also tried the mask for myself

gong gong me dressed up in Dress Me Whitening & Brightening Mask

My skin is immediately more moisturized, clearer, brighter and fairer even till the very next day.

I can feel the smoothness and bouncy-ness of my skin and my makeup can even glide on better and stay put for at least 8 hours.

Awesome Product !!!

Dress Up in Dress Me

for rejuvenated, healthy and flawless skin!

And now comes the Good News worth waiting for . . .

Grab yours today from The Sample Store NOW !!!!

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