Friday, July 23, 2010

Daiso Black Charcoal Mask

This post has been really late due to my clumsy injuries: left finger cut whilst right wrist ligament tore

Anyway, I have been searching for a really good peel off mask for my super clogged face.

I was forum-ing again at my favourite site, CozyCot then did I realised that I might recently have given a precious gem a miss.

I would not have even bother to take a second look at it if not for some pointers in the forum.

I was being introduced a really economical peel off Charcoal Mask.

And this mask is none other than the Black Charcoal Mask from (drum roll...)







Yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you.

It is the forever $2 Daiso

Surprise yeah . . .

I too would not bother to have anything pertaining to cosmetics, skincare or body products from Daiso

I mean, hey, its only 2 bucks.

You sure its safe and alright to use?

And because its only 2 bucks then did I take the plunge to try

At least my pocket confirm would not bleed.

Its not easy to search for the Black Charcoal Mask

It have been Out Of Stock for quite some time and I only manage to lay my hands on it at VivoCity.

It works like any other charcoal mask, a bit gluely and sticky when you squeeze it out from the tube.

I would advise to apply the mask directly when you freshly squeeze them out of the tube as the mask can be tacky if you squeeze it on your palm.

I leave it onto my face till I can feel the tightness though its advisable to leave it on for about 15 minutes or till dry.

It really depends on your skin condition, only you yourself knows best.

I pulled it off starting from the outer and lower part of my face, going upright.

From my chin level to the below ear . . .

I might sound skeptical but I have always thought its better to pull up than to pull down.

Anyway, I have always loved and adored peel off mask though many would say that peel off mask can induced sagging skin.

This is my small cute face, can you see the small small yucky things stuck-ing out (what english LoL)

Closer look . . .

This is indeed an economical peel off mask which can successfully pluck out your blackheads, whiteheads and small tiny facial hair.

This is of course not referring to those deeply embedded ones which still needs a bit of plucking.

Pluck your blackheads, not squeeze them as plucking can ensure that the "roots" can be completely plucked off instead of leaving a bit in your face which might induce inflammation.

After you peel off the mask like what I did, please please apply toner/refiner/lotion to close up your open pores.

You can then apply your serum or moisturiser or sleeping mask and off to bed.

Yes, I used this mask at night.

Would I recommend this peel off mask?

Yes, I definitely would.

This is a very very cheap mask which can effectively removes your blackheads and whiteheads.

And my face is super clean and smooth after the peel off, like baby skin.

It is even more effective than some of the counter brands you come across in the departmental stores.

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