Monday, September 13, 2010

AQUALABEL : An Idea for Life

We have come to the really exciting part of the competition . . .

And this is also my weakest too

However I will Unravel My Blogging Power



We are definitely not left on our own of course

The kind babes from AQUALABEL,

together with the only gentleman from  Panasonic

gave us an Idea for Life

An idea of photography and video taking which you can capture the most captivating moments in your life


using the brand new Panasonic Lumix FX75 camera

What is so exciting about this Ultimate Hybrid camera that I must die die share with you babes is






This camera has Cosmetic Mode please (grasping happily)

Its really a god send for camwhores who are still not using Aqualabel yet

We can choose to camouflage our flaws or further enhance our features by 

1) choosing our favourite skin color (soft skin, summer skin, natural look)


2) degree transparency skin detail (low, standard, high)

meaning to say

I can also look flawless and as fair as Snow White even though I am not!!!

How awesome is that, you tell me please?

Genius creation indeed . . . (nodding in unison yeah)

Pink Lumix FX75 . . .  I am definitely getting my hands on this little baby

Hey . . . Hey . . .

So with this little genius and the help of White AC Essence VC

I am confident to face the camera anytime any date and anywhere

I used to have a phobia of bright lightings due to my sensitive blemish prone skin


Not anymore please

Thanks to Aqualabel White AC Essence VC

Presenting to you






A chubby Aqualabel fan with her favourite Aqualabel White AC Essence VC

Any script needed?

Of course Not as it is  .  .   .

A real life account of how the White AC Essence VC has saved her sensitive skin

with a mere two weeks usage, twice per day after tonning,

without compromising on any of

Hydration, Whitening, Oil Control and Anti Inflammation properties

How fanastic a product can that be, you tell me?

And its only retailing at SGD29.90 with 4 functions rolled into 1!!!

So, you want to know how the product has boosted her confidence to face people with her naked face?

Unravel the  AQUALABEL power from AQUALABEL Facebook Fanpage