Monday, September 13, 2010

Because You Are Worth It

I always had problems finding the correct eyeliner for my oily eyelids.

Yes, many of you always tell me to use primer before my eyeliner

To use foundation over my lids, use mattifying fluid . . . blah blah blah


My liner will still run or smudge

Yes, I have super oily eyelids and do I have to live with it?

To constantly touch up or see myself in the mirror every hour?

Hey . . . Hey . . .

No . . .

I have finally found the correct liner which is really lasting, super soft and gentle, pigmented and Best of ALL?


You know many of us have itchy hands *ouch

When we always want to rub our eyes just... for that e..x..t..r..a.. comfort?

Or when you just simply need to have that e..x..t..r..a.. eye drop to quench your thirst?

I see many heads nodding in unison, yes?

Guilty hands rising up???

I have just that magic formula . . .







Na, L'Oréal Paris has it


You Are Worth It






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