Thursday, September 2, 2010

FREE Spa Retreat by Chrysalis Spa at IMM

This is a joint promotion especially to pamper and reward Beauty Credit customers.

I felt at home and happy to see Chrysalis Spa as the sponsor for this event







I used to work for them during my GCE A Levels vacation

Chrysalis Spa is previously known as Geris Gernetic

And they have a group of fantastic beauticians who have nimble fingers

and most importantly . . .

I love my Counter Manger Wendy

I used to run atrium and Guardian roadshows for them

and I learnt a great deal from her.

She takes really good care of me and make sure that I am not being bullied

Of course, those aunties whom I know are no longer in the company


I am still confident that I and you are and still will be well taken care of  :)

Oh, by the way their ampoules are awesome . . .

Don't miss out this great complimentary treatment as they seldom hold such events

This is definitely a golden opportunity NOT to be missed

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