Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color- Sweet Apricot

I was cozy-cotting the other day when a banner advertisement caught my attention.

Liese Bubble Hair Color Product Test

I was always attracted to how kawaii the packaging is but was a bit hesitant as I had never thought well of DIY hair color.

I mean, hey, I am not a hair stylist nor professional

and I do not have the least intention to snatch their rice bowl.

Might as well let the farmers plough his land while the lawyer fights his case in court right?

But anyway, since this is a product test, and it is free... why not?

And so I embarked on a journey of Do-It-Yourself hair coloring







I never looked back!!!


Because it is really easy, fuss free and best of all?

Save Money!!!

There are 2 new launches namely

And of course, I chose the Sweet Apricot.

                                Some of the items found within the box

                          Sweet pink instructions of how the coloring works

And my DIY coloring journey begins

Mixing the colors and with gentle turning of the bottle up and down . . .

The milky white color change to

and change to

And I am on my way of foaming my hair with the exciting Sweet Apricot

Color of the foam squeeze from the bottle of solutions

After about 45 minutes of DIY, I covered my hair with a disposable shower cap.

To be honest, I did not know that self coloring can be that easy.

I always thought that the color would drip and be very messy.

However Liese proved me wrong.

The mixture was pretty thick, creamy and easy to massage.

As I massage the foam from my palm to my hair, the foam was easily formed.

It was like shampoo-ing of my hair and I actually had a lot left though.

I waited for about an hour before washing my hair.

To my surprise, my hair was very smooth, soft and tangle free.

I was actually prepared to have a hard time un-tangling my hair

But hey . . .

Liese once again proved me wrong !

Anyway, after my wash, I used the attached leave in conditioner for my newly colored hair

I was very attracted to the sweet smelling apricot when I first tore open the packet

It leaves my hair smelling of apricot even till the very next day.

I even had people asking me if I had changed my conditioner . . .

So . . . if you would to ask me, would I recommend DIY hair coloring?

My answer would definitely be YES

Liese had proved me completely wrong, leaving me with nothing


Praises and loads of praises for DIY hair coloring!!!

Its cheap, efficient, easy and fuss free

                            Hair coloring has never been that easy before

To find out more about Liese and their upcoming promotions and events,

Please join their Facebook Fan Page  as looking trendy and chic is as easy as 1,2,3!

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