Friday, September 24, 2010

Injecting Zealous Into Your Plain School Shoes

How many of us are guilty of rows and rows, drawers and drawers of shoes?

Especially when there is a . . .


Gosh, you can really see girls trying and trying on pairs after pairs

Am I also a shoes victim?

Err . . . when I was young perhaps yes ? ? ?

Hey . . . Hey . . .

I AM still young yeah

Anyway, was walking pass ZARA and could not resist not entering to check out some items

Found an awesome cheap deal which I really really could not resist.

I reckon you would not either

A simple Black Shoes from Zara

Would you want to guess how much it costs????

No prize for the correct answers though






From SGD39   to   SGD19   to   SGD9 !!!!

So, do you think I can believe my eyes when I saw it ? ? ?

I confirmed and double confirmed before I quicky grab a pair

It looks pretty decent but dull isn't it?

Hence I hop over to Spotlight to grab a few meters of lace ribbons

and my creation






Ta  . . . Dah !!!

Simple and eye catching

A closer look at my fave lace ribbons

Its really not difficult to inject some fun and creation into our basic needs afterall


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