Monday, November 21, 2011

Classic Beauty : Star Lash Princess

I was always curious about the Extreme Lashes from Star Lash.

Heard raves and compliments about the durability and how Beautiful and Seductive women can look

I decided to lay my hands on Extreme Eyelash EA18.

                                        A closer look at the Fluffy Feather EA18

                                                            Front View of Lashes

To be honest, EA18 does not really suit me well as it is a that too big for my eyes.

And Yes, No, I did not trim the length at all hence that's why.

The lashes are a wee bit heavy for my eyelid and I can feel the existence when I wear them initially.

Angled View of Lashes

PaperSelf + Star Lash

That is a fun way of wearing Lashes.

Squeeze your brain juice a little and there might be other ways of playing Lashes.

Have Fun !!!

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