Friday, November 18, 2011

New Revolution : Paper Eye Lash

I was captivated when I knew that eye lashes could be made of paper.

A lot of questions running through my mind and I decided to give it a shot.

I bought my very first Paper Lash from PaperSelf

I simply cannot wait to try the Paper Lash which is going to be a New Paper Revolution.

Peek - A - Boo

As this is the first time I am handling a Paper Lash, hence I am extra careful in reading the instructions.

Directions for Use

An excited me bought the Under The Sea

I decided not to use the full length but only the corner of the lashes, hence I use the Seahorse.

Ta - Dah . . . Me with the Sea Horse Lash at the outer corner of my eye.

The lash is really soft and lighweight as if I am not wearing anything.

I am so comfortable with the lash that I even forgot that I am wearing lash afterall.

The Sea Horse Lash opens up my eyes and give my eye a lifting effect making my eyes bigger and more captivating.

                                                                             A closer look at the lash

This is a Creative Makeup where I only wear the lash on my right eye.

It looks unique and I am always the centre of attention no matter where I am.

Besides wearing the Paper Lash as an eye lash, I decided to wear them on my eye brows.

It is still very lightweight though I am wearing them on my eyebrow.

Remember, either you wear it on your eye lid or eyebrow


Not both, otherwise, it is going to be really O.V.E.R

Give PaperSelf a try, you may love how comfortable it is that you do not want to use the conventional ones anymore.

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