Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lucido-L : Beautiful Hair from Within

Many of us take a lot of supplements for our body, skin, health etc.

But how many of us really take supplements for our hair???

Food for thought?

Good Question?

Lucido-L , with these ideas in mind, has come up with the Hair Make Supplement

to lock in moisture from within our hair.

What makes Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement so unique is the addition of CMC (Cell Membrane Complex)

CMC has the ability to lock moisture in our hair allowing our hair to be moisturised throughout the day.

Imagine yourself sitting inside the air con blasting office for the whole day.

Without any moisturiser, your skin will become dry and wrinkly

How about our hair?

CMC is fast gaining popularity among salon used treatment products.

Hence with a bottle of L:ucido-L Hair Make Supplement in your bag is equivalent to carrying a salon with you on the move.

Besides CMC, Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement containsTreatment Oil which gives a Firm Coating on our hair to prevent moisture leakage.

CMC locks in Moisture while Treatment Oil Prevents Moisture Leakage
So, is this Treatment Oil greasy to touch and makes your hair sticky?

The answer is NO

The Treatment Oil is very lightweight and runs like water.

Let's put Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement to the test.

Before: Dry and Frizzy Hair

After: Soft, Manageable Hair
 After application, my hair immediately feels soft, smooth, and even a wee bit glossy shine.

And oh, it does have lingering fruity floral smell too.

Interested to try it out?

Join Lucido-L as a member today,

Key in Password: tangtang

to stand a chance to win a Full Sized Hair Make Supplement !!!

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