Friday, November 4, 2011

Six Easy Steps to Smoky Eyes Day Look

A lot of people misunderstood that smoky eyes is only meant for night out.

Today, I am going to share with you easy steps to Smoky Eyes Day Look.

I am using Pupa Smoky Eye Kit as it is easy and fuss free.

      without flash

                                                                          with flash

                                                               swatches without flash

                                                                swatches with flash


(1) Using Sponge Applicator; apply 1 across the eyelid as Base

(2) Using Finger Tip; apply 2 on the inner crease (2/3) of eyelid

(3) Using Sponge Applicator; apply 3 starting from base at outer corner of eyes, not more than (1/2) of eyelid

(4) Blend the edges with the Eye Pencil Smudger

(5) Draw a fine line using the Triple Purpose Eye Pencil Eyeliner

(6) Using Small Sponge Applicator; set liner with 4


  1. Thanks for the tips as I love smokey eyes, looks great for functions.

  2. Thank you Nava :)

    I am glad that you like it.