Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lip Tattoo : New Lips in the Making

I am sure everybody knows what Tattoo is


How about Lip Tattoo?

Violent Lips is a temporary Lip Tattoo which can last on our lips for about 4-8 hours.

There are about 12 designs for us to choose from and let's check it out.

Let the fingers do the walking

(1) Trim the pre cut Violent Lips according to your lips.

(2) Remove the transparent covering on the pattern side of the lip.

(3) Place the pre cut lips with the sticky pattern side on your lips and apply water to wet it thoroughly

And Viola . . . We are done !!!

The tattoo is a bit rubbery and does tear a wee bit if you stretch your mouth.

It is not as tasty as those lip balms so hence, please do not try licking it.

I applied shimmering lip gloss over it to further protect the tattoo as well as giving my lips some shine.

It does however take some practise to apply the tattoo on our lips though.

If you still cannot get it, fret not.

Check out the video on the website.

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